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Peugeot - P135 Grand Sport




Fast French Peugeot.

French Peugeot P135 Grand Sport. This is a 350cc OHV with hairpin valve springs, high compression piston and enlarged crankcase with 2 liters of extra oil. In the 1930s, people were searching in France behind faster motorcycles, engines with "Grande Puissance" following the many competitions for motorcycles. This brought Peugeot an improved version of the P117. This was the P135. A fast motorcycle from which one could buy a very fast version, the Grand Sport. These had an enlarged crankcase that runs up to the rear fender. As a result, there was 2 liters more oil in the engine block for better lubrication and cooling. They also had a more rounded piston for more compression and to possibly run on alcohol while racing. These engines also had the hairpin springs to operate the valves. This model as offered here was faster than the standard 500cc OHV. The high exhaust, like this one, was an option. A total of 1080 P135 was made between 1936-1940, of which only a small part was this Grand Sport version with a larger engine. The motorcycle offered here has been completely overhauled.




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